1. Thrillist pays a visit to the recently opened Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. It looks like they switched up the style from both their Japanese Izakaya fried chicken and Brooklyn Bowl’s fried chicken. We are looking forward to testing out this honey situation.

    It’s also served up with a piece of rosemary & sea salt toast, fries, and a slew of specialty honeys infused with the likes of wildflower, chipotle, and mustard. Apply liberally.

    Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken (foursquare)
    28 E 1st St (at 2nd Ave) 
    East Village, NYC

  2. R.I.P Mama’s Food Shop in East Village and Williamsburg :(

  3. momofuku:

    last night, quest loves food drumsticks were at momofuku noodle bar. proceeds from the drumsticks—as well as limited edition “fukumomo” shirts and signed #friedchickenbattle posters—went directly to food bank for nyc. one of our favorite noodle bar regulars, patty wu won the silent auction. thank you to everyone who came out to support, and special thanks to our main man gabriele stabile for documenting the night. 

  4. Momofuku Noodle Bar Fried Chicken

    We FINALLY made it to the most talked about fried chicken meal in the city and it all lived up to the hype.

    Above is the first attempt at a gif here (Gif Shop app was free this week!). We will keep messing with them. I’m sure you agree the world needs more fried chicken gifs.

    Alrighty, reviews about Momofuku’s famed fried chicken are plentiful so we will keep this to a quick rundown of details and recommendations:

    • Two types of chicken - Southern-style and Korean
    • Southern is brined overnight and battered with buttermilk, salt, pepper, Old Bay, and cayenne
    • Korean is double fried and smothered with some very awesome Bibim sauce
    • Four side sauces are all super terrific
    • Ginger-Scallion, Hoisin, Bibim, Garlic-Jalepeno
    • Make your own ginger-scallion sauce at home. It was fucking amazing.
    • We all enjoyed the Korean more than Southern-style but the condiments were by far the best we’ve ever had with any fried chicken. The Southern-style was the perfect canvas for the sides.
    • Reservations are easier to come by than when they first offered the meal
    • Momofuku accepts reservations of four to eight guests but we would recommend going with only five or six friends your first visit so you can comprehensively stuff yourself
    • This is some of the best fried chicken in the city

    Momofuku Noodle Bar Fried Chicken (foursquare)
    171 1st Ave (btw 10th & 11th St)
    East Village, NYC

  5. "Long Live Love’s Drumsticks"

    Some of Questlove’s team getting ready to take over Momofuku Noodle Bar as part of the Quest Vs. Chang #friedchickenbattle.

  6. Reservations: Questlove Vs. David Chang Fried Chicken Battle

    Tomorrow’s the big day! Reservations will become available 10AM for the fried chicken smackdown between Momofuku and Questlove.  A reservation email address will be posted on MomofukuPresents.com and @Momofuku. All proceeds benefit Food Bank for New York.

    *reservations accepted for parties of 6 (six) only*

    reservations guarantee 12 pieces of love’s 

    drumsticks for $50. momofuku noodle bar’s regular 

    menu will also be available. 

    on the day of the event, walk-ins will also be 

    accepted, first come first serve. love’s drumstricks 

    available until they run out - $8 /piece. 

    special silent auction at the event for a limitededition #friedchickenbattle poster signed by 

    ?uestlove, david chang, jimmy fallon and more….


  7. Village Voice: Our 10 Best Chicken Dishes in NYC

    This just opened our eyes to two new fried chicken options!

    1. Ecuadorian fried chicken at Sol de Quito (foursquare)
    160 Irving Avenue at Stockholm St.
    Bushwick, Brooklyn

    2. North Carolina-style fried chicken at The Cardinal (foursquare)
    234 East 4th Street between Ave. A and Ave. B
    East Village, Manhattan

  8. Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter

    Thrillist covers the latest fried chicken addition to Alphabet City…

    Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter (foursquare)
    94 Avenue C between E. 6th and 7th St.
    Alphabet City / East Village, NYC 

  9. Fried Chicken at The Redhead

    Naked. That’s the first thing that came to mind tasting the much lauded fried chicken at The Redhead.  The chicken is lightly seasoned (no punch of pepper) and no hot sauce, vinegar or honey was presented. 

    The Redhead is like the jazz of fried chicken. It’s just as much about what they don’t do.  The chicken was excellent without much grease and I love that they don’t overpower any particular seasoning. Awesome spot if you’re dining in the East Village.

    The Redhead (4sq / Yelp)
    349 E 13th St at 1st Ave
    East Village, NYC

    Stole the photo from their site since it’s pretty dark in there and my iPhone was capturing a grainy mess.