1. "Crispy potato salad, sweet onion soufflé, mac n cheese." via @kkrader

    Birds & Bubbles (foursquare)
    100B Forsyth St (btw Broome & Grand)
    Lower East Side, NYC

  2. Cheeky Sandwiches (4sq / Yelp)
    35 Orchard St. at Hester
    Lower East Side / Chinatown, NYC


    (via aidapsjanella)

  3. Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya Fried Chicken

    Thrillist breaks down the details of the new Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya, one of our favorites made here with wasabi honey and chili sauce.

    Blue Ribbon Izakaya (foursquare)
    187 Orchard Street (between East Houston and Stanton)
     Lower East Side, NYC

  4. Pok Pok Wing NYC

    Finally tried out the much hyped Pok Pok Wing. Their first opening outside of Portland, Pok Pok serves well seasoned Thailand-style wings with an awesome balance of spice and sweet.  Rice is served in a plastic bag (just like the street vendors in Thailand) and they have some solid sides.

    We tried the papaya salad which was spicy as all hell!  We probably wouldn’t recommend the papaya salad on your visit since it was way too distracting from the main attraction.

    The fried chicken was pretty much perfect.  The chicken is smothered with a fish sauce/chili/garlic glaze and has a nice crunch. We would hazard to say it’s an improvement on the fried chicken we tried in Thailand last year.

    On an early Saturday evening we were pleasantly surprised the place wasn’t crazy packed. Pok Pok Wing definitely joins the upper ranks of Asian-influenced fried chicken and it’s a hands down Best in Class for Thai-style fried chicken in NYC. Get over to Pok Pok!

    Pok Pok Wing (Foursquare)
    137 Rivington Street btwn Norfolk and Suffolk Street
    Lower East Side, NYC 

  5. Pok Pok Wing

    Thrillist covers another solid fried chicken opening this week. Pok Pok Wing opens their first NYC outpost in Lower East Side serving Thai-influenced wings

    "Each piece of poultry perfection is marinated in fish sauce & palm sugar, deep-fried, then tossed in garlic and caramelized Phu Quoc fish sauce.”

    Looks bad ass. Can’t wait to try them out.

    Pok Pok Wing (foursquare)
    137 Rivington St btwn Suffolk and Norfolk
    Lower East Side, NYC

  6. Top Notch: Cheeky’s in Lower East Side

    Fried chicken on a house-made buttermilk biscuit with coleslaw & gravy

    Super affordable ($6.50) and they make the gravy and bread the chicken right in front of you. I swore I could taste a hint of cinnamon in the gravy, I’ll have to confirm on my next visit.

    Cheeky Sandwiches (4sq / Yelp)
    35 Orchard St. at Hester
    Lower East Side / Chinatown, NYC

  7. foodthatiliketostuffmyfacewith:

    chicken biscuit sandwich (with cheese & coleslaw) from Cheeky Sandwiches (NYC)

    Does it concern anyone that the biscuit to chicken ratio is all off here?

    Cheeky Sandwiches (4sq / Yelp)
    35 Orchard St. at Hester
    Lower East Side / Chinatown, NYC

    Bonus points for Cheeky Sandwiches hosting their site on Tumblr.

  8. Time Out NY put together a list of the best 100 things to eat the city.

    Chicken and eggs were grouped together for some reason, here’s their fried chicken picks.

    Fried chicken at Georgia’s Eastside BBQ (Lower East Side) (Yelp // Foursquare)
    Chicken and cheddar waffles at Buttermilk Channel (Carroll Gardens) (Yelp // Foursquare)
    Chicken yakitori lunch at Yakitori Totto (Midtown West) (Yelp // Foursquare)